Cash to Bitcoins

Hello and Welcome to Fast Coins

Here at Fast Coins our goal is to make getting Bitcoins quick and affordable.

MoneyPak's for Bitcoin!!!

Email us the Moneypak number along with the Bitcoin address and done!


What we do? We turn your MoneyPak into Bitcoins. You send us the Moneypak number and your Bitcoin wallet address, anywhere from $50 to $500 and we send you Bitcoins.


How it works?Get a Moneypak ( send us the number and we send you the coins! Quick and Easy!


Is it Fast? During normal business hours and days it may only take a few minutes or hours!


Anything else? Bitcoin rate is the weighted average on at the time we send the coins to your wallet. We only charge a 10% processing fee, this is the lowest on the internet for completely anonymity.


Questions, Orders, Comments please e-mail us!




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